FARRIT: Finding All Resources Relating to Idaho Topics: History, Maps, Natural Resources, Obituaries and more

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FARRIT is an acronym for Finding All Resources Relating to Idaho Topics. Begun as the Idaho Collections Group in October 1998 when a group of university, public, and state librarians from the Boise area began meeting informally to discuss the care and maintenance of their special collections of Idaho-related materials, the FARRIT web page, maintained by the Boise Public Library, continues to keep librarians and the public informed about the availability, contents, and collection policies of Idaho collections throughout the state.

FARRIT was intended to be more than just a showcase for special Idaho collections however. It is an open-ended, continually expanding project, collecting information on all kinds of special Idaho-related resources in Idaho libraries. We encourage Idaho libraries to submit information about Idaho collections to be included on this site.

Maintained by: Ronnie Joiner Boise Public Library

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