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Idaho Sporting Life: A Bibliography

Idaho has a long and rich tradition of outdoor recreational activity. Along with skiing and hiking, hunting, fishing and recreational shooting have all played a part in shaping the unique culture of the state. Given the abundance of outdoor spaces and in particular state and federal lands (the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness area alone consists of 2.3 million acres) it is really not surprising that these activities have been embraced by Idahoans. Two individuals are deeply identified with this tradition: Jack O'Connor and Elmer Keith. Elmer Keith and Jack O'Connor were two of the best-known shooting experts and hunters of the twentieth-century. Both Idahoans by choice rather than birth (O'Connor, who lived for many years in Lewiston, was originally from Texas and Keith was born in Missouri and grew up in Montana before finally settling in Salmon) these men could not have been more different or differing in their opinions on firearms, hand-loading, ballistics, and hunting. Both wrote prolifically, albeit O'Connor more elegantly, on the shooting sports for many decades. Many of their books are included in this bibliography.


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