African Americans on the Frontier

African Americans on the Frontier


African Americans on the Frontier

Black families coming West in covered wagons established self-sufficient all-Black towns and filled every job from barber to teacher, doctor to state legislator.

  • "'Aunt Viney' Moulton had been a slave. In 1867, she crossed the plains, walking barefoot part of the way. Tired of walking, she stopped in Boise and stayed. In 1878, she became the only black member of the Boise Presbyterian Church."
    From Idaho Ebony: The Afro-American Presence in Idaho State History, by Mamie O. Oliver
  • Nearly a third of the cowboys who helped build the American West were black.
  • "Black history in Idaho began with York, the black man who came west with Lewis and Clark in 1805.  After York, there came black trappers, fur traders, miners, soldiers, railroad workers, horse trainers, and rodeo riders.  Idaho never had a lot of black people.  Records showed only 60 black people in Idaho in 1870, and only 53 in 1880."
    From Idaho Ebony: The Afro-American Presence in Idaho State History, by Mamie O. Oliver
  • Blacks were also military heroes. It is a little-known fact that credit for Teddy Roosevelt's victory at San Juan Hill during the Spanish-American War belongs to the all-black tenth cavalry.
  • Henry Parker, a black mine owner, made one of the first gold discoveries in Idaho Springs, Colorado.

African-Americans on the Frontier

Call numbers are for copies at Boise Public Library.

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African-American Women on the Frontier

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African-Americans and Native Americans

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